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  • Location : Pennsylvania
  • phone : 484-364-3045

I have been a personal chef for over twenty years. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America I went to pursue my passion for cooking in NYC. I’ve worked for an elite clientele and had the opportunity to travel with my clients. In the beginning of my career I gained experience and knowledge by spending time in London. Thereafter, I spent a summer in the Hamptons, where I truly learned the original farm to table concept well before its time.

I decided to move to Aspen, CO to experience and gain culinary knowledge in one of the great food towns of the West. In Aspen I had some amazing opportunities. I catered large scale parties, managed fine dining at the Hotel Jerome, and worked as a private chef seasonally. After spending three amazing years in Aspen, my culinary journey continued on to California. In Rancho Santa Fe and Orange County my personal chef career continued to expand.

When moving full time to Orange County I began Julia Cox Personal Chef Services, where I would cook for my clients once a week. Adapting to my clients’ needs, once a week I would create delicious, custom meals to make their lives easier. I would shop all the best markets, prepare meals, and provide reheating instructions with all their favorites in the fridge ready to go.

While in Newport Beach I opened my café called My Galley. The café was a staple on the Balboa Peninsula for the community. Under my ownership the café flourished and was a year-round success in a very seasonal market. After six years of owning My Galley, I decided to sell the business in order to move back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family.